Desktop Research: Published Technologies to Watch Lists

This area is a place to collect "Technologies to Watch" lists published by other organizations. Though these lists and publications may serve a different audience and purpose than the Horizon Report does, they contain many useful descriptions and discussions that can and should inform our work.

We'd love to see your clippings here as well! Please use the edit this page button to add more, or add comments on how or why you think they may or may not be important. As is the convention throughout the Horizon Project Wiki, we ask you to identify items you think are of high interest to us, as I have done here by typing 4 tilde (~) characters-- - Larry Larry Jul 6, 2012. This will help us to sift through the articles and determine which ones resonate most strongly with the board as a whole.

Recommended Reading

3 Learning Content Trends to Watch in 2014 bobmoore bobmoore Jan 20, 2014
Campus Technology asked five experts to take the temperature of current learning-content trends for 2014. Here, they assess the "hotness" of MOOCs, e-textbooks and open educational resources, and explain the reasoning behind each rating. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 23, 2014e-textbooks and OER's for sure. I'm still skeptical of MOOC's taking hold soon in K12.