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  • Coda for iPhone Is a Collaborative Platform for Creative Writers!r6UCZ
    Coda is an app that lets users crowdsource ideas for creative pieces. This could be a good tool to involve students in a collaborative working environment while still allowing them ownership over the final product or piece. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 21, 2014 I had started using Coda just because TextEdit was driving me crazy. We started having kids build web pages with it and now, with an imminent 1:1 iPad program, it's going to be the school's standard editor. I wanted to try the collaborative features for programming projects, but now I'm thinking about how to use it in English composition classes! Personalized learning in a collaborative environment. However, unless the schools allow iphone use in the classroom they would only have access outside of school time. - jmorrison jmorrison Jan 21, 2014 I'm not sure this is a good example of how to use technology in education. Wouldn't it be easier and quicker for the kids to consult each face-to-face in the classroom or in the playground? Is this just using technology for the sake of using technology?- paul paul Jan 24, 2014 This app requires the use of iphones which may be a constraint to the use with students own technology. The app itself may be useful for work not done in class if not good face to face groupwork may lead to same results- lmotta lmotta Feb 2, 2014. Using a collaborative platform remains a powerful tool for engagement, plus allows the tools to be used as a focus point for face-to-face interactions. The value of this is it's ability to work as a synchronous and asynchronous tool - judy.oconnell judy.oconnell Feb 8, 2014
  • Consumer Electronics Show Will Highlight New Ways to Collect Biometric Data
    In Las Vegas at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, biometric tools were heavily showcased for activity tracking, voice and facial recognition, and fingerprint identification. As technology moves deeper into the habits — and the biology — of Internet users, the collection and analysis of everything from iris patterns to the unique qualities of a person’s walking style raise fresh questions about privacy, as companies share the information to build more-sophisticated portraits of consumers.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014New user interfaces are improving rapidly and bring interesting potential uses. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 21, 2014 Last year we examined the future of Learning Analytics. Success stories are out there, but the NSA/Snowden stories are going to make it a tough sell. giselle.santos giselle.santos Jan 21, 2014Biometric readings could be considered a reliable way to tap into students' behavioral characteristics. However, this raises very important issues: Where would schools stand when considering the student's right to privacy? How much of this data could actually be be stored for the purpose of assessment and feedback? - karen.melhuish.spencer karen.melhuish.spencer Jan 27, 2014 >> This shift towards technology that is 'part of us' [is the singularity approaching?!] highlights the way in which technology might enhance reality, easing the pathway to learning experiences for those that otherwise might not be able to access information..but at the same time it highlights the vital importance of approaching learning from ethical standpoints. The emerging tool of learning analytics stands on the development of technology that makes it possible- jon.k.price jon.k.price Feb 5, 2014, collecting biometric data may help to develop a student portait. HOwever, this big brother point of view takes us to the ethical issues of privacy and labelling that are often a problem in schools- lmotta lmotta Feb 2, 2014 learning anayltic/biometic data could be nicely incorporated into physical science classes as well as subjects that relate to biology and health. With the Sony Smartwatch synched with a phone or fitbit wristbands, students can participate in interrogating personal data streams. - judy.oconnell judy.oconnell Feb 8, 2014

  • A Cheap, Rugged Tablet Is Your Kid’s Next Fixation

    Kids are using tablets more and more which has led to a new market for kid-friendly tablets. These tablets are more durable, made with rubber bumpers, etc. They're priced lower and can have safer settings. This article compares some of the new devices in this market to their adult predecessors.- Sam Sam Jan 21, 2014- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos~As schools adopt tablets, this is a solution that addresses an important issue - safety and durability, as well as the cost. We've found that the 7inch screen is also an ideal size for mobility and weight.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014This sounds like a really good idea. - jackwest jackwest Jan 18, 2014 We are seeing Android tablets beginning to infiltrate front running schools in our work. Heard the phrase 2:1 first used in fall of 2012, and heard it used more frequently in 2013. Front running schools seem to see the tablet as a consumption device, and the laptop as the creative device.- jon.k.price jon.k.price Feb 5, 2014 More on tablet and laptop rollouts as we move on. - mtaylor mtaylor Jan 20, 2014In my last two schools we have created apps for android tablets for educational purposes. - mtaylor mtaylor Jan 20, 2014 Tablets are easy to use but harder to manage as a device. Many developmental possibilities outside of just being a device to run a piece of software. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 21, 2014 About to do an iPad rollout to 250 students. Biggest school concern is containing the costs, short- and especially long-term: giselle.santos giselle.santos Jan 21, 2014Durability is a particular concern but when we consider tablets for children, the number one concern should be the digital safety and security. We can't forget that kids are usually very generous when sharing personal information and data. A broken device can be replaced but serious issues like phishing,identity theft and and malware are much harder to handle.

  • - jmorrison jmorrison Jan 21, 2014Makes a statement about each child having a devise as much as it does about having a durable devise.- mike.jamerson mike.jamerson Jan 22, 2014We quickly found that our K-1 students outgrew the consumptive aspect of the simple tablet and needed a device with a keyboard for more production oriented work. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 23, 2014 Thanks for mentioning keyboards. I wanted to include them with our iPads, but they were deemed prohibitively expensive. I predict it'll take less than three months before they're deemed absolutely necessary. ;)
  • - shalini.sinha shalini.sinha Jan 24, 2014~Durability is highly desired in tablets as we need to constantly send tablets for repairs on a monthly basis.
  • Yes making tablets more durable very helpful. Agree: tablets for consuming content, laptops/desktops for creating content. In my experience, a tablet with a keyboard is almost as expensive as a laptop.- paul paul Jan 24, 2014. - karen.melhuish.spencer karen.melhuish.spencer Jan 27, 2014 > certainly the rise of the tablet as the de facto learning device is strong esp at junior levels and it is no surprise that the global marketing focus has ramped up as BYOD gathers pace. The concern here is the extent to which the kid friendly models offer open platforms / ones that can be adapted to suit learning needs.
  • We have started distribuiting tablets to kindergarten kids in public schools, and there is a research team working lmotta lmotta Feb 2, 2014
  • Class Badges
    Class badges is a free online tool that allows teachers to select and customize badges to recognize student accomplishments. The record of digital badges can be accessed from anywhere and shared with family and friends.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014This is important as pedagogy and curriculum are adopting more elements of gamification. Even languague instruction is moving in this direction. - jackwest jackwest Jan 18, 2014 I love this idea, and have written about it several times, but I do not see it catching on yet in K12. I think a tipping point might be when institutions like the International Baccalaureate, AP, and Cambridge start using digital badges? I suppose this depends on a move toward digital portfolios, too. Unless you have a place to put a digital badge that someone will see, then it doesn't have any social context. It would be nice to see widespread adoption of alternative means for demonstrating competence, but I am not seeing the front runners quite yet.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 21, 2014 - michael.lambert michael.lambert Jan 18, 2014 Agree Jack. There are a few outside platforms such as Skillshare and even who are providing badges for people to add to their LinkedIn account. Until we move away from GPA and report cards and move toward similar LinkedIn, "story-like" - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 23, 2014 I like the idea of badges, but until they appear on report cards, they're going to be the electronic version of the "gold star." I tend to think badges will gain in momentum as schools move towards project-based and personalized learning modes. They provide a good, digital alternative to one day replace, and for now supplement reporting as we know it - lindsay.julie lindsay.julie Jan 27, 2014- judy.oconnell judy.oconnell Feb 8, 2014
  • The value of badge has nothing to do with whether it is digital or not, and everything to do with what it represents. Whether the badge (or certificate) can be displayed only on paper or also on a digital device is, I suspect, of very little real importance to the person achieving the badge. As jmorrison says, above, it would be nice to have a social way of displaying achievement, but it is not particularly important or motivating.- paul paul Jan 24, 2014
  • Disney Invents Touchscreen that Lets You Feel Textures
    A technology called “tactile rendering of 3D features,” and an early version of a rendering algorithm has already been developed by engineers at Disney Research in Pittsburgh may be a game-changer in natural user interfaces.- kathyschrock kathyschrock Jan 19, 2014 The premise behind it is that small, electronic pulses can trick your fingers into perceiving bumps and texture, even if the surface is actually flat.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos~Even though this technology seems to be in a farther horizon, it is worth keeping an eye on! It solves one of the few limitations of the touchscreen.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014Might be especially useful for LD learners trying to adopt tablet usage. Or specially suited for the autistic and the blind. Can also see this for young children trying out their 'world' to touch and feel items as they learn to read.- mtaylor mtaylor Jan 20, 2014 - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014I would put something like this on the far horizon, but advances in technology for tablets are inevitable. Like the original Microsoft Surface table, it may never come to fruition but it opens the door for other technologies that might emerge from it. So far as implications for education, being able to bring in touch to items that students could not otherwise experience brings a whole new dimension to their learning. - shalini.sinha shalini.sinha Jan 24, 2014This technology will help make story reading/ video a truly amazing experience for small kids. Also, students of Social Science and Science will be able to actually feel the rocks and elements, bones etc. The animations and content for physics students when superposed with imaging will make the concept extremely clear.
  • Agree. Useful wherever understanding of texture is relevant, for example in studying sculpture, or perhaps history (understanding why silk was more highly prized than cotton and hence the economic, geographical and political significance of the silk trade etc etc). - paul paul Jan 24, 2014
  • This Drool-Worthy $99 Kit Lets Kids Build Their Own Computers
    A 99-dollar kit called Kano is hoping to make learning coding more accessible to kids or anyone interested. The Raspberry Pi kit merges basic computer science concepts with gorgeous, functional design, turning just about anyone into a computer maker. Each kit, created by the London startup, is comprised of bits and pieces that are constructed to build a functioning computer that can be hooked up to a monitor.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014Terrific idea as coding is becoming an important skill in high school curriculum. - jackwest jackwest Jan 18, 2014 and this one, made by a nonprofit, Many Labs, is similar, and comes with a curriculum repository. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 21, 2014 Yes! I've had my eye on this gadget for a while. We tried using the regular Raspberry Pi, but it's just too "bare bones." Had a heckuva time trying to hook it up to a monitor, for example.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 21, 2014Lincoln Logs updated! - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014I have also had my eye on this. The recent hour of code shows that things such as this are not as fringe as they would have once been considered. - paul paul Jan 24, 2014Yes, nice kit, but appears to be about twice the price of the basic Raspberry Pi. Great if you can afford it, but don't forget basic version if you can't.- paul paul Jan 24, 2014. - karen.melhuish.spencer karen.melhuish.spencer Jan 27, 2014 > picks up on the growing interest in coding/robotics/STEM. Beautiful design to draw in those who might not otherwise have explored this approach.

  • 'Forcefield' Technology Controls Computers Minority Report-Style
    Researchers at Bristol University have developed a new system that simulates the feel of objects in mid-air using nothing but sound.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos~Another interesting proposal for a user interface. These technologies are making the interaction more and more natural.
  • How 3D Printing Can Really Be Incorporated into Schools 3D printing is swiftly becoming an accessible option to educators everywhere. In fact, MakerBot, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, has recently announced the MakerBot academy, which is seeking individual investors to fund an initiative to get 3D printers into every public school in the United States. Other 3D printing start-ups have followed in other parts of the world as well.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014The 3D printing and Makerbot movements are truly growing fast, even here in Brazil. It has already arrived at our school and there are many initiatives near us. This technology is definitely worth watching.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014This seems important for both innovation, scalability and creating objects and low/no cost. - kathyschrock kathyschrock Jan 19, 2014 - claus.gregersen claus.gregersen Jan 19, 2014 Been on its way for a while and is going steady; this obviously greatly supports innovation and design - two areas we are focused on in both our regular public and charter schools.- mtaylor mtaylor Jan 20, 2014 - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 21, 2014 Our Solidoodle 3D printer turned out to be a dud. Can't convince current school to try again, but I'll try with MakerBot at the next school. Meanwhile, waiting for my 3Doodler pen. This might be a good (cheap) way to get started with 3D: - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014I see 3D printing becoming more and more of a reality in schools.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 23, 2014- giselle.santos giselle.santos Jan 23, 2014 3D printing offers a solution to many schools in terms of making some tinkering and makers initiatives more tangible to both students and parents. Cost continues to be an issue, but if we take into considerattion that many schools are resorting to crowdfunding to make printers available, when can pretty much say that in one or two years most schools will have at least one printer on campus. - karen.melhuish.spencer karen.melhuish.spencer Jan 27, 2014 > seeing this as a growing trend in NZ, too. Schools keen to share how such creative approaches can support modelling/thinking in 3D (e.g. Leading today Again, the technology is not as important as the kind of spatial awareness it supports in terms of design and realisation. - digitalroberto digitalroberto Jan 28, 2014After implementing 3D printers in schools, there is an enormous interest from students as well as impact upon learning. This is one of the technologies that interests students at multiple levels; once they create something with the printer, the imaginations really get running and the students begin to determine all types of uses for the technology.

  • How To Use Leap Motion In The Classroom
    Leap Motion is a small piece of hardware, compatible with both Macs and PC's, that allows a user to control the computer without touching the keyboard, mouse, or screen and the device has great potential in science, social studies, gamification techniques, special education and more.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014Applications are yet to be discovered, I'm sure. Would LOVE to see this in action to have a better idea of is capabilities and how easy it is to use. - kathyschrock kathyschrock Jan 19, 2014 I have a Leap Motion. Interesting but really still in its infancy, IMHO. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 Kathy that is my opinion also, intriguing but I have yet to see it really be functional yet.
  • How Will Paper Thin Display Screens Be Used in Education? bobmoore bobmoore Jan 20, 2014
    Paper thin displays will be making their way into products over the next few years – how might education put this evolving technology to use?- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014Flexible displays will really be useful. Let's just see if we will be using screens or other types of interfaces (thinking of wearable technologies) in the future.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014Might be useful for the portabiliity of devices (and their screens). - michael.lambert michael.lambert Jan 18, 2014 Mobile iPad Apps have created stronger learning platforms for education, perhaps, the flexible screen will do the same. - claus.gregersen claus.gregersen Jan 19, 2014It could have great potential for learning materials. This is a technology to make interaction live in hallways, on bulletin boards, in common spaces for the public. It can also be used to send out information to the community and families through 'printing' on items to be given away. This one has endless possibilities - would like to get a group of students together to see what they would say.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 21, 2014Small, flexible, adaptable is what is being used and sought after. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 Lots of educational potential that can make important shifts in education.
  • I Am the Interface
    Some of the new technologies unveiled at CES to make gestural computing s a reality include eye-tracking technology company, Tobii and San Francisco’s Elliptic Labs’ ultrasonic wave technology.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014Again gestural interfaces. Lots of interesting ideas.
  • inFORM: An Interactive Dynamic Shape Display that Physically Renders 3D Content
    The Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab has created a way users can remotely manipulate objects from a distance or physically interact with data. This has potential to open doors for collaborative and interactive work and research in a variety of fields.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014Here we're getting closer to the holodeck. Seems farther away for us, but would love to have it in my classroom.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014Can imagine fun applications in a science classroom. - kathyschrock kathyschrock Jan 19, 2014 We have included virtual labs in previous reports and it sounds like it is almost here. Let''s try to think of ways this might work across the curriculum, too. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 I like the idea of the applications for gamification, but the size and time it would take to get educators on board with it I think is beyond the scope of this edition of the horizon report. Good for students with visual disabilities obviously. Perhaps good for understanding complex shapes in maths and in chemistry (crystals, molecules etc), and good for displaying in tactile form things that would are difficult to understand in other forms, for example the relationship between tones and semitones in different scales when learning music theory. - paul paul Jan 24, 2014

  • This Insane Technology That Makes Buttons Appear On A Flat Smartphone Screen Is Pretty Close To Magic
    A new tablet from Tactus can make tactile buttons rise up out of a screen when you need them. and disappear when you don't. You can activate buttons over your keyboard to make typing easier and more natural, or control buttons to enhance gaming.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014This would certainly solve the problem of typing on flatscreens, especially for those of us who can type without having to look at the keyboard. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 Gimicky in my opinion. Old people will be excited about it, but is it really the future of education? - paul paul Jan 24, 2014No, this might be quite important because a major problem with the tablet is that it is much harder to type on than a laptop or desktop which has a proper keyboard with tactile keys. Might allow tablets to be used for creating content, not just for consuming it. - paul paul Jan 24, 2014
  • Lifelogging: Crowdsourcing + Life Logs = Big Insights
    Life-logging apps are now giving researchers more broad data troves than ever before. - jackwest jackwest Jan 18, 2014 The quantified self movement is strong and gaining momentum in the San Francisco Bay Area amongst adults. I would love to see this take root in K12. What a wonderful way to counter the obesity epidemic. Not seeing signs, but I haven't had my eyes open to this, either. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 Equipping kids with cameras that log everything they are doing? I see a lot of pushback for this. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 23, 2014 LOL. Alice, remember the GoPro camera I bought? Strapped it to kids' heads and believe me, we don't want to show parents the results!
  • A Look At Big Data’s Plan To Personalize Your Education bobmoore bobmoore Jan 20, 2014
    This infographic lays out what data can tell a teacher about a student and how it can help personalize teaching toward that student.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014For some reason this link doesn't open, not even if you copy paste it to the browser.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014Both of these trends, big data and personalized teaching toward the student are hot topics right now. - jackwest jackwest Jan 18, 2014 This was a topic last report, and the one before, and now we are starting to see both backlash and first steps toward deep personalization. inBloom has taken a beating. An example of schools that are bought in is in the suburbs of Columbia, South Carolina, where several districts pooled to receive Race to the Top funds, promising to create student dashboards to accompany their 1:1 initiatives. Google Apps for Ed is the foundation of their learning platform. - claus.gregersen claus.gregersen Jan 19, 2014 Powerful combination.- mtaylor mtaylor Jan 20, 2014- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 22, 2014This is a good illustration of the process. I wonder if our definition of personalizing education is broad enough. This illustrates personalizing content, but in addition personalzed learning is "personal" also. Thus the technology available to the student should be personal (belonging to the student 24/7), not shared, part time, or loaned. I see K-12 still challenged by 1 on 1 initiatives and BYOD. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 Technology is the promise of letting you customize your education. I see this being huge. - shalini.sinha shalini.sinha Jan 24, 2014 The need to personalize education remains strong as ever to drive personal ownership of learning. Goal setting by students and in agreement with the educators can make the commitment tight. Understanding the student's interest areas can help in fetching content interesting and meaningful to the student. eg If a student is interested in sports , then all the physics, chemistry and biology content for the student should be associated with sports - heart beat of an athlete, how a cheetah can run fast, why a long jumper runs before taking the leap.- paul paul Jan 24, 2014
  • MakerBot Unleashes Giant 3D Printer That Prints 10 Items at Once
    LAS VEGAS — 3D printing company MakerBot announced at the 2014 International CES show on Monday a collection of new 3D printers, including one that lets you print up to 10 items at one time.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014Definitely a growing trend in schools. Making it possible to print more projects at the same time will allow more students to work at the same time, which is great.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014Bravo! - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 21, 2014 Are you ready for 4D printing? I'll be happy to get a reliable 3D printer that all schools can afford.
  • Robots are Teaching Kids to Code
    Say hello to Yana and Bo, two robots who want to teach your five-year-old to write code. The newly crowdfunded Play-i system uses music, animation, and stories to teach kids ages 5 to 12+ to program their new robot friends--and have fun in the process.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014Ever since Papert created Logo, we have been trying to put coding into the curriculum. Maybe this time this technology can bring computer literacy to the young learners in the classroom. It also has the gaming strategy included. Now we have to see if we can overcome the obstacles of lack of time and school curriculum and testing requirements, to allow more time for using these teaching strategies.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014Wonderful idea! Teaching kids coding the younger, the better.- mtaylor mtaylor Jan 18, 2014Recently read about Yana and Bo and its a great addition to robotics for younger children. Natural progression to Mindstorm NXT/EV3 and arduinos etc Practically, if we are going to get students involved in coding -- there has to be a powerful integrated context for them to do this. Math common core needs to find the way to make this as 'important' as basic skills -- teaching logic through coding is obviously a natural. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 21, 2014 At the last ISTE Conference, I learned about Bee Bots: I have been tasked with starting a robotics program at the next school. Will use the Lego EV3 at the upper levels, but I want a continuum that starts with kids as young as possible.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 21, 2014One of our elementary schools purchased Lego Mind Storm EV3 kits to train teachers in its use, primary and intermediate. Work started on this in December. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 I think tools that start students with programming are in the near future, especially things like this that do not require the teacher to learn to code first.
  • Take A Graphic Stroll Through Your Own Personal Meta Data
    With the recent reveal that the NSA has been monitoring Americans’ email "meta-data," the term has suddenly transformed from an obscure, techy vocabulary word into something on the tip of the average cable-news watcher’s tongue. Email meta-data is, of course, information about an email (like who sent it and when it was sent) as opposed to the content of the email itself. But if it isn’t clear what that means exactly, a recent visualization project by researchers at the MIT Media Lab called Immersion provides "a people-centric view of your email life" by providing an interactive tool to dive into your own meta-data.- cristiana.mattos cristiana.mattos Jan 17, 2014This is amazing. There is so much information about us (I tried it). This would be a great tool to use with kids to make it clear to them how much they are making public. But for kids though, this analysis would have to be more of their social life than email - our kids don't like using email.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014 Useful. - claus.gregersen claus.gregersen Jan 19, 2014Could be an eye-opener. There are so many 'emotional' issues related to the collection and use of meta-data. Hopefully this area will address those as well as the fact that it exists. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 More focus on digital safety is definitely going to be more prevalent.- giselle.santos giselle.santos Jan 23, 2014I'd say that even adults are not so keen emails anymore, much of our daily access to information and communication happens via messaging, direct access to content and instant reply services.
  • 3-D printed brain lets students take a stab at neurosurgery
    Researchers at the Center for Biomedical and Technology Integration have created a 3-D printed brain that lets doctors and students do just that — and it's disturbingly realistic.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014Great! - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 21, 2014 Some great 3D software out there, including the 3D Brian App: Check out the Cyber Science programs: - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 Great example of the possibilities of 3D printing and why it is important for education.
  • Ventura Schools Saves Resources Through Digital Books, Assignments
    Schools in Ventura County began the transition to digital in 2010, when the middle school De Anza Academy of Technology and the Arts used a federal grant to purchase notebook computers for each student. In two years, the school has managed to reduce their paper 5%, setting an example for schools nationwide.- deborah.cooke deborah.cooke Jan 17, 2014This has some interesting implications for broadening a young learner's encounter with content. Through the use of textbook 'supersites', learnes have access to multi-modal approaches to the lesson, ensuring that all learning styles are addressed and learner engagement remains high. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 More teachers are going paperless, this is a trend.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 23, 2014We have discussed this before. I still think paperless and breadth of knowledge at one's fingertips will win over.
  • Wearable gadgets: more than meets the eye
    Google glass - kathyschrock kathyschrock Jan 19, 2014 I love my Glass and have collected education links here:
    lead the way and eventually this too, in some iteration, will migrate more commonly into classrooms. Hopefully as another dimension of adaptive technology More immediate will be other versions of wearable technology. From GPS tracker wrist bands, blue toothed to smart phones, to ergonomic 24 hour assessment (the Razer Nabu smartband) could be utilised by physical education teachers and dare I say it school counsellors concerned with poor sleep habits with senior students (particularly here in SE Asia).- mtaylor mtaylor Jan 20, 2014 - michael.lambert michael.lambert Jan 18, 2014 Wearable gadgets continue to integrate into our daily lives. Our class recently entertained the resolution: All students who attend school should wear a Jawbone bracelet or equivalent. Wearable technology moves, in my opinion, the Big Data directly to the consumer/studentnot the organization/teacher. - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 21, 2014 I'm saving my pesos for a Google Glass, but get yourselves an Oculus Rift if you haven't already. Been a big hit at school: [[ jmorrison jmorrison Jan 21, 2014Oculus]] Rift VR reality re-design.
  • A First Look at How Educators Are Really Using Google Glass
Google Glass begins to be seen as much more than a documentation tool. As it gets closer to being marketed for the general public, applications for the Glass start to surface, many of which aiming at educational purposes. From translating tools to reading coaches, in 2014 students will be exposed to the many possibilities that come with the Glass.- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 23, 2014Good information, and I agree about a tool for student engagement, and ease of us in making videos. I wonder though, when stucents can afford to purchase them, and they wear them to school if they will meet the same barrier as BYOD?

  • How about 're-emerging technologies'? This collective and others are bringing code/programming back into vogue. The use of Scratch and Blockly etc are making students interested in creating their own digital resources. I have Grade 10 classes creating educational games/activites for our students in Kindergarten. Kindergarten teachers get a raft of usable digital resources, their students get all new games/activities to use, and Grade 10 students get intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction from creating something cool and useful.- mtaylor mtaylor Jan 20, 2014- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 23, 2014
  • The biggest issue for technology in schools is the network. The future is looking brighter (and cheaper) with Software Defined Networks (SDN) bobmoore bobmoore Jan 20, 2014 - mtaylor mtaylor Jan 20, 2014- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 23, 2014

  • 3D virtual worlds are hanging in there. Dare I say they're making a comeback due to the growth of online and homeschool instruction? Still have both Second Life and OpenSimulator cybercampuses at school, will get the same going at the next! - mrskeeler mrskeeler Jan 22, 2014 Bandwidth and the ability to access on chromebooks and tablets keeps this from going mainstream.
  • MinecraftEdu spinoffs! MinecraftEdu has been my "gateway drug" for getting schools hooked on games-based learning. And they keep coming up with more geeky-cool stuff. Check out the Kerbal Space Program (!about/c10fk) and qCraft to teach quantum physics (
  • Drones in our future K-12?- jmorrison jmorrison Jan 22, 2014
Drones going public: Amazon Prime Air.
Six States Chosen as testing sites
Nevada is one of the states and Drone Pilot Training starts mid-February.
Governor tours Reno drone site:
  • Horizon Report Presentation? Every year the Tri-Association (60+ schools in Mexico, Central/South America) hosts the Annual Educators' Conference. I've submitted a proposal to present on the NMC K-12 Horizon Report! Wish me luck!