What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an effort to raise money through a network of people, typically through a combination of social networks and fundraising platforms on the Internet. Many organizations, especially start-ups, turn to online tools such as Kickstarter to finance new projects and products. Crowdfunding has been known to support many different activities, from helping communities recover from disasters to bringing an innovative prototype through its the last phase of development. On these platforms, the pool of potential donors and investors is opened up, giving the public an opportunity to fund the process. Sometimes the citizen investors are promised something in return for the support, such as a free version of product, branded swag, or even personal letter of gratitude. One of the appeals of crowdfunding is that it is often completely transparent -- the organizations have a set amount of money they need and people can see in real-time how much left is needed, and watch the financial gap lessen as they invest.

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(1) How might this technology be relevant to the educational sector you know best?

  • - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 27, 2014 The Kickstarter folks are geniuses...and my current heroes. I've been a backer for several projects, including the 3Doodler (http://www.the3doodler.com/), a 3D drawing pen. How cool is that, BTW? It should be here any day now, in fact. I'm also backing The Game Creators' App Games Kit (
    http://www.appgamekit.com/) and the First Person Shooter Reloaded project (
    http://fpscreator.thegamecreators.com/). I'm already calling the latter Unity for Dummies...kids will easily be able to use it to create games. And the AGK should enable the older kids to create multi-platform apps. Now...we all know how difficult it can be to raise money for certain projects at schools. Our plans for a Robotics program died because of a lack of funds. Our foray into 3D printing came to a screeching halt because our Solidoodle doesn't work and the school doesn't want to risk any more pesos. We have 2,000 students...if each parent contributed $5...well, do the math. I want to create our own schoolwide Kickstarter projects, not just to raise money for geeky stuff but also for kids to attend conferences, another activity that we don't do much of because of the costs involved. I'm not sure how well this will work here in Mexico, but the next school is affiliated with three universities, and is a "laboratory" for the community. We could extend beyond just moms and dads and get the whole country (the whole world?) kicking in some contributions. I'm brainstorming some kind of reward system (badges??) for donors...still thinking about that.
  • It is not just kickstarter, look at the multiple education funding sites like Donors Choose. But it is not just raising funds for the classroom, it is a great way to get students involved in social causes. Personally I hate how we have kids going door to door selling candy. As a random customer, I do not have any way of knowing if the kid at my door is telling me the truth and what they will do with the money. Giving community members a reputable way to contribute funds and see specifically what the funds are going to and potentially the impact of their donation will make it easier for schools to get community buy in and donations. The added bonus is that the community gets to feel like they are part of what goes on at the school and has information for asking questions and truly being able to support the school with more than just money. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Feb 1, 2014
  • Yes as mrskeeler states. There are many sites: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/crowdfunding-sites/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/chancebarnett/2013/05/08/top-10-crowdfunding-sites-for-fundraising/ These sites can become the core to a simulation/project-based learning in the classroom. Give students an experience…even failure is learning. - michael.lambert michael.lambert Feb 3, 2014~

(2) What themes are missing from the above description that you think are important?

  • - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 27, 2014 Nothing, pretty thorough description.
  • I think add Donors Choose since it is education specific. - mrskeeler mrskeeler Feb 1, 2014
  • What skills should we be teaching in this area that carry over to other domains? Example: collaboration, funding, marketing, etc. - michael.lambert michael.lambert Feb 3, 2014

(3) What do you see as the potential impact of this technology on teaching, learning, or creative inquiry?

  • - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 27, 2014 One of the excuses...er, reasons...I always get re: why we can't do this and that with technology in school is the money. Using the Kickstarter model, we could raise funds for all kinds of geeky-cool stuff!
  • A real-life learning experience any student would be proud to add to their portfolio…success or failure. - michael.lambert michael.lambert Feb 3, 2014

(4) Do you have or know of a project working in this area?

  • - davidwdeeds davidwdeeds Jan 27, 2014 Still just a dream for now. Probably won't happen here in Mexico, but I want to try in Guatemala.
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